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He tries, he really does

Liam Lawlor today defied Dublin Bus authorities by his continued failure to provide the correct change on a Number 33 bus, which serves the city centre and out to Balbriggan at irregular hours. The disgraced TD attempted to use a five euro note in payment for his journey, it was refused by the driver. Lawlor then accused the driver of being guilty of the same thing, and that he was "being scapegoated" for "doing what any honest person would do under these circumstances."

Lawlor, who was recently released from Mountjoy prison, complained that he was doing everything in his power to comply with the driver's request for the correct change, and that Dublin Bus's failure to accept what monies he could give was completely unreasonable.

Upon being told to "hurry up" by other passengers, both already on the bus, and waiting to board, Lawlor turned his anger on them. He stated that "[he] could point the finger at some of [them]." He accused other passengers of collusion in a broad conspiracy against him, that they were part of a "gang" formed by the Dublin Bus authorities to rail him out of public transport life. It eventually transpired that he was in possession of several one euro coins, sufficient to pay for the journey.

At several points during the journey the driver was forced to announce that there is "no smoking on the bus" and that he would stop if Lawlor kept smoking and sneaking Dutch Gold lager down the back. Lawlor accused other passengers of smoking, and 70 year-old Brian McGuirke of forcing him to drink the beer, he was eventually thrown off at Santry by the other passengers, where he went to see 'Ocean's 11', wouldn't turn his mobile off, and threw popcorn at people in front of him.


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