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Fence collapses under PD strain

There it goes...

A large crack last night appeared in a fence in north County Dublin that has for some time been used by the PDs as a place to plonk their indecisive posteriors in the run-up to the abortion referendum.
“I don’t think there is any way to repair the damage,” said fence expert, Donal O’Railaigh. “The PDs have been sitting on this thing for so long that it’s become warped and, to be honest with you, Missus, unfixable. The whole lot will have to be replaced - and it won’t be cheap, but I won’t charge you for labour.”
With the likes of Helen Keogh backing a No vote and Mary Harney firmly backing the Yes campaign, the party as a whole has come out strongly in favour of the maybe camp. The results of the poll are expected on Thursday or Friday at the latest, when the PDs are expected to celebrate with wild bouts of indifference and possibly ambiguity.




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