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Residents of Donabate reacted angrily yesterday morning when Referendum Commission literature arrived through their door in the same envelope as a menu for O’Donnell’s Famous Balti House in Malahide.

The delicious bhajis at the centre of the furore

“If we wanted to order Indian food we would look it up in the phone book,” said one man, furious at the intrusion. “You really have to wonder at the ethics of including this material with a leaflet outlining the pros and cons of voting yes and no in the abortion referendum. If O’Donnell’s do good onion bhajis, fine, but don’t shove it down our throats!”

An Post has denied any conspiracy among pro-curry employees to try and proselytise customers through the mail. “The inclusion of those leaflets was purely a time saving measure,” said a spokesman for An Post, taking an order for two small portions of chicken balls and curry chips with fried rice and a can of Coke.

A spokesman for the referendum commission said it didn’t matter that some people would actually receive their Yes/No/Balti literature after the vote had been taken as “it will be fun for them to decide what way they would have voted had they been allowed to make an intelligent, informed decision. Actually, scratch that. That isn’t possible”.




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