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- My holiday snaps provide more historical context claims disgusted historian

One of Dublin's foremost local historians has slammed the so-called "thingamajig from the dig" that Corporation workers accidentally unearthed during a random dig on Dublin's O'Connell Street recently.

"I've had a look, and believe me it's not worth it," said Brian Hayes, Assistant Professor of Regional History at UCD. "Save yourself some disappointment - go see a flick instead."

Haye's comments come as a slap in the face to Dubliners the world over, who had been eagerly anticipating the chance to once more reassure themselves that Dublin truly does have a unique character, and that it is in no way identical to every other capital city.

"Dubliners can rest assured that the 'thingamajig' is a unique experience, in no way like any other," Dublin Lord Mayor Michael Mulcahy told the Gerald. "It's a way of truly experiencing the Dublin of yesteryear - without the pestilence, poverty, foul odours and domination by a foreign power."

"Shite," said Hayes of the mayoral musings. He also poured scorn on the involvement of Arthur Guinness - a fact that has been made much of in the publicity surrounding the time capsule. "A couple of the leading capitalists du jour making a desperate grab for immortality - hey, can you say 'Anna Livea'?" he seethed, in reference to the doomed monument paid for by the Smurfit family and currently scarring Dublin's main thoroughfare.

The 'thingamajig', as it is affectionately called by nobody, is rumoured to contain documents made of paper with writing on them in clear and recognisable English. The capsule itself is made of lead - a material still in bountiful supply.

"Wow, paper," scoffed Hayes. "Stop press. Nice one, Corpo. See if you can dig up a few used johnnies or ye olde Tayto crisp packets. This is just more dust fodder for Collins Barracks. Depressing, isn't it?"


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