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"Enforcement of the law could jeopardise peace process"
- Sinn Féin

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Sinn Féin has voiced its concern at what it brands "flagrant law-enforcement" in Northern Ireland. In a statement, party leader Gerry Adams revealed: "The nationalist community in the Republic is deeply sensitive to the interference of this Government, and the recent attempts by the Southern police force to impose ad hoc standards of lawfulness and criminality on this community do nothing to assuage our legitimate concerns."

Some members of the nationalist community found robbery and assault highly therapeutic, he continued. "It should be their right to deal with their own personal pain in whatever way they see fit." Arresting, or trying in some way to criminalise these people, would be an "attack on the nationalist community and its values - an attack on the peace process".

On the subject of community integration, Adams commented that "for many years, nationalists have peddled hard drugs to their friends and neighbours, enslaving them to a life of misery. If Unionists want to integrate with the nationalist community, they will have to accept the culture of gangsterism that goes with it.

As long as the peace process is threatened by the 'cosy concensus' of the statute books and law enforecement, nationalists will rail against every injustice they can make up.

To turn the other cheek would be unChristian."

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