Foetuses split on abortion

Ireland's Dead have their say on the referendum

Take-away menu causes referendum chaos

Fence broken under strain of PDs

Recycling and You: A message from the County Council

Bono monopoly on world pain smashed

"Enforcement of
the law could jeopardise peace process" - Sinn Féin

An Important Announcement from Dublin Bus


What they would have said about the referendum - a dead perspective

I tell you now that there will be no abortion on this island save that it be through the glorious medium of the Irish language and for the furtherance of our nationhood. Ireland says no to abortion but tá to cinnmhilleadh. No, actually, I don’t think we’ll do that either
- Eamon de Valera

I will travel to the furthest corners of the globe and there collect the most exotic and historically significant examples of fine foetus-workmanship available to man (not woman) and carry them back to be housed in my world famous collection of artefacts only to have the curator sell them off at Sotheby’s without anyone noticing
- Chester Beatty

They say you can’t throw a stone over an orphanage wall without hitting one of mine so let’s emancipate those wombs!
- Daniel O’Connell

We are all lying in a surgical bucket, but some of us are gazing at the stars
- Oscar Wilde



Bhuel anois now éist liom agus let me tell you about the poor plight of poor unfortunate poor Maire Dall Bodhar Bachach Mhic Mhaidhc ní Chonnaire well she went off with a Spanish sailor left over from 98 agus didn’t they run away together to farm sheep they had stolen from the gcaptaen who was i ngrá leis an priest’s son agus they went along to the nuns and the nuns refused them so he cut off his lamh clé to show how much he loved the Priest’s son agus the argument about the land continued go dtí go raibh an spanish sailor bás of an affliction of the bowels ach the captain was an honourable man so phósaigh sé an Phriest’s son agus Maire in a small ceremony i Las Vegas agus anois Maire made her way ar nós na gaoithe go dtí teeee-geeee-ceathair and Maire and her leanbh lived in penury on the mainland until they both died of consumption
– Peig Sayers

So Goll Mac Morna, seeing that they were not real foetuses at all, freed the rest of the Fianna and slew the fairy king’s ugly daughters, and thus, despite his impediment he became a hero of the Fianna until he went mad with a fairy curse and his father-in-law had to smite his head off with his sword
– from the annals of Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the Fianna

by sea crossing on midday sea cat or cheap flight of ryanair there go the women of anna liffey, lifey, pro-lifey, and back again by sea crossing on midday sea cat or cheap flight of ryanair
- Jimmy Joyce




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