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The latest shocking polls have confirmed what most smart people like us have long known, or at least guessed: this government is a popular disgrace which must be hounded out of office before it is returned there with a resounding victory at the next election.

The continuing high support enjoyed by Mr Bertie Ahern's "pack of mangy dogs" (a commentator) illustrates a gaping hole where a power vacuum should be, at the heart of Ireland's political machine. Despite being really bad at everything, this government is still quite popular with the people of Ireland. How could this be, unless the government has let its people down to the extent that they don't even know how outraged they are at the tide of sleaze and malpractise that would be engulfing the coalition if only we knew about it?

This administration has failed the public by neglecting to adequately communicate how shit it is. This cannot be tolerated. The ministers who were complicit in creating the false impression of a competent administration must go, but not before hanging their heads in shame.

The glaring lack of a 'legitimacy gap' also suggests that the government has possibly yet to implement its stated objectives of suppressing democratic scrutiny of policy while becoming increasingly reliant on a cosy cartel of big business lobbyists. This lack of political action is outrageous, and must be rectified with decisions. We must no longer tolerate our contentment with this failed regime of popular do-righters. The people would demand it. For shame.


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