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Oh shit, we totally forgot about the Labour Party

An embarrassed Dail Clerk confirmed that his office omitted the 400-member national party off voting forms for next year's general election. According to a newly-released report, the "clerical error" means that the voting forms will have to be reprinted at huge cost to those who earn money and get it taxed.

They make lovely pretzels

The quite-understandable gaffe happened at an early stage in the process, when an anonymous civil servant faxed out requests to all parties for their nominations. Instead of methodically going through some file where all the parties are written down in triplicate, the hapless clown simply sent the request to "all the parties she could think of off the top of her head. Those parties did not include the Labour one."

The report continues: "[she] later spoke of a "nagging feeling" she had left someone out, maybe a new Catholic loony party or something like that, nothing too serious." A spokeswoman commented on the bungle, admitting that "this sort of thing is way easier in America. How could we forget about them, they used to have TDs and everything. They even have a leader, what's-his-face."

A Labour Party spokesman had words of comfort for the Registry Office, saying: "Not to worry, it happens all the time."




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