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Felix Says:

"I find solace in our city's unofficial parking monitors"

Come rain or shine, whether a cold Wednesday evening before the match, or a day out shopping on Grafton street, our city has a troop of stoics helping the lost find parking, supervising our streets, minding our cars; keeping the terror of parking chaos away for another day. This much they do with little more than a few quid to stop anyone from nickin' it or scratchin' the paintwork.

Yes, these stout men, with rolled-up newspaper, sailor's cap and lifted collar, are the soul of our nation. In the face of a falling economy and the disappearance of civility in the turmoil of modern culture these men work to keep an eye on our cars.

It is indeed good to know that no matter how technologically advanced our cars get, no matter how sophisticated the alarm systems, no matter how many have satellite chips for police tracking, these men will mind the cars just that much more. Good honest work; keeping order, preventing crime, helping the environment, guiding us safely into free, public, streetside parking.

Lest we forget their role in our great society, remember their catch-cry: "I'll mind that for ye' there love."




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