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Hoor in the Sewer arrested in Garda sting

Locals in St Anne's Park expressed shock last Wednesday that a brothel had been uncovered in their area. The operation was uncovered during a joint investigation by the Garda Special Branch and the Garda Bureau for Spying on Naked Ladies.

Anna plying her trade last August

The Anna Livia fountain, formerly with an address on O'Connell St, Dublin, working under the name of The Floozy in the Jacuzzi, or the Hoor in the Sewer, had been operating a brothel out of the Corporation warehouse in Raheny for several weeks after being moved on from the city centre to be replaced by a tasteful giant steel spike.

"We had been observing the operation covertly for about a week," Det Insp Gerry Moran told the Evil Gerald, "but we decided to wait a few more days in case something bigger came up. Y'know, in case more girls showed up in leather gear and what have you."

The Floozy was arrested when she asked for money for sexual favours from Garda Sgt Oliver St John Gogarty who posed as a punter in the warehouse for cleaning. She was charged with prostitution but bailed by Dublin District Court on the grounds that she had recently experienced trauma and upheaval in her life.

The controversial sculpture admitted to the court that in the past few weeks she had also received money from other historical statues including a Mr CS Parnell and a man who was into "kinky stuff" and liked her to call him "My Emancipator".

"It's a disgrace," she said emerging from the court "when in this day and age two consenting adults can't do what they want with each other behind closed doors. I provided a safe working environment for my girls and there was no
hanky panky. Well, there was, but it was all good clean fun. Well, no, that's a lie too. But none of us were getting attacked and felt up and covered with spray paint. When I was working O'Connell St not so long ago not a night went by that some punter didn't piss on me or try and jab me with a needle. Although I did get a lot of free McDonald's."




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