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World Cup Briefs ... eeeuuugh!

Quinn to be erected

In honour of his long career in the Irish side, and his record as top goal-scorer in an Irish jersey, Niall Quinn is to be erected outside Leinster house. Quinn, to be positioned in his famous "knackered" pose will stand motionless outside the Oireachtas for centuries to come as a constant reminder of Ireland's indomitable spirit and tenacity.

Our psychic predictions

Laverna, The Evil Gerald psychic, does a near-perfect Russian accent, and told us at a rate of 4.57 euros-a-minute that the winners would be
* A team of up to 11 footballers
* From one of the world's main footballing nations
* They have not yet been knocked out of the competition
* The squad would mainly consist of men
* Who wear a coloured jersey that definitely bears some sort of logo on it.
Laverna is sorry to tell the people of Ireland that her crystal ball says the winners won't be Ireland and sympathises with them in this time of great pain. She also recommends you avoid uncovered manholes for the next few days.




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