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Footballing world, Japanese hookers enchanted by Irish fans

Despite the calamities that beset the Irish soccer team, they have earned the respect and admiration of the footballing world and Japanese prostitutes.

Buoyed by her most lucrative night's business in several months, Ling Wu, a prostitute from Niigata, fell under the spell of the Irish. "I knew the World Cup would ensure better times for me, but I couldn't have foreseen it being this good." Producing from her handbag a sizeable wad of euro notes, Wu continued, "The streets were full of 'langered' Irish men looking for a piece of ass. I'm fitting in about fifteen of these Paddys a night, so to speak. If the Irish team hadn't been knocked out by Spain, I'd have been able to take a holiday afterwards."

Soccer brought a boom to the sex trade

Irish football fans have come in for special commendation by Japanese police chief, Kazuo Sasaki, who has called them "polite and most respectful of Japanese custom". Speaking at a press conference, Sasaki singled out the Irish supporters for praise as an example for football fans all over the world. "Coming into this tournament, we had many fears about security, but so far the tournament has brought little trouble. This friendly, hospitable atmosphere has been epitomised in particular by Irish fans, who have been superb diplomats for their nation, and for the game of football".

Equally enamoured by the Green Army was Ibaraki native, Wendy Chow, who described many of the 124 Irish men she had sex with since May 31st as "sweet". She continues, "they're usually quite shy, and done in about two minutes. I've more than doubled my productivity! Also, lots of them are too drunk to fuck, and just pass out. This gives me the opportunity to relieve them of a little more cash, ha ha."




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