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JJ72: still fuming about that sleet/hail mixup

Tiny mad gorgeous pixie popstars JJ72 have once again put the boot into Ireland's weather forecasters with their latest single Drizzle. The song, which features a shrill, demanding vocal by lead singer Mark Greaney set to a swooning, doom-laden melody, includes the following lyrics:

First they predicted showers
Then clear skies all afternoon
But now it's bloody drizzling

The song represents a fresh escalation in the simmering JJ72/Met Eireann contretemps. It all began with JJ72's first single, Starting mild, with highest temperatures 8 to 10, in which Greaney plaintively demands to know

Why am I so damn cold then
When I expected there to be
Some warm westerly wind
Warming all the parts of me?

I really think these guys
Who predict meteorological change
Deserve a swift dose in the ears
Of my pouting angst and rage

This was followed by Snow, the chorus of which goes

Why won't it snow
Like they said it would?
What is it that they know
That I really should?

A Met Eireann spokeswoman commented, "We're getting very fed up with this band criticising our work. We don't tell them how to write songs, do we? Jesus".




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