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Irish potheads hail drug smuggling success

Irish druggies celebrated last night as a major drug smuggling operation proved to be a resounding success. Crafty drug smugglers managed to get fifteen million pounds worth of cannabis into the country without the Gardai even noticing. It is believed that the drugs were imported into the country through the South Coast, most likely around the Waterford/Cork/Kerry area. The 'Yella Langers' Gang are being credited with the massive import. However the wily drug-lords have managed to keep many details of this huge drug operation away from the press.

It is believed that the drugs were smuggled in to deal with the huge demand that has a arisen after Charlie McCreevy's secret giveaway 'Black Budget'. This has seen the prices of most types of narcotics drop by around 25%. This has all been in an attempt to increase Ireland's profile on the narcotics market. The government have naturally denied any knowledge of a Black Budget.

A spokesperson for Irish Drug-takers, Mr. Derek 'Poncho' McGrath (left), said that this drug-haul was the best that Ireland has seen yet. He added that he expected Ireland's profile in the international drug market will be greatly enhanced and promised that "Ireland will be sorted for a good while now, please God".




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