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The man with the magic touch has done it again. Film legend George Lucas has stunned fans and critics alike with his latest epic, the Star Wars prequel Attack of the Clones. Movie-goers are flocking in moderate numbers to the new flick, hailed by critics as "Not shit" (New York Post) and "Surprisingly bearable" (Sunday Telegraph).

Irish Times critic Harry Tucker describes Attack of the Clones as "a real return to form for Lucas". "After The Phantom Menace", he continued, "we all thought that Lucas had lost the knack of making passable films like Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi. But this has made me eat my words. With its workmanlike script and well crafted visuals, it's significantly better than the first prequel, one of the worst films of all time".

Peter Walker of the Evening Standard has been even more effusive. "Lucas has really come up trumps with this passable, mildly diverting movie", he wrote. "It's not appalling, and that's good news for Star Wars fans everywhere".

Members of the public we interviewed expressed interest in the new release. "Apparently, it's an improvement on the last one", said Jamie Lloyd. "So that must be a good thing. I might go see it in a while".




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