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In the run up to the election the Irish electorate is split into two camps - the men and the women. Normally, Hollywood gears up for a stark gender disparity in cinema attendance at such times, by putting on a variety of action films, such as The Scorpion King (with wrestling's Dwayne Harrison), to give the male audience something to do while the election takes over the TV. Soon, the tables will be turned and the World Cup will have televisual dominance, and so several "chick" flicks will be released, like Life or Something Like it, featuring children's clay model, Angelina Jolie.

However, this year General Election 2002 is so stultifyingly dull that even women - who traditionally love to whinge and argue about stuff- are turning off. Election producers have failed to provide the Irish public with the thrills and spills that make up a true roller-coaster ride of an election. They have failed to provide any of the following core elements of a good election:

- Death threats and assassination attempts, not even with Sinn Féin in the running.
- Politicians linked to dastardly plots to destroy the world with a space-laser unless they receive €1bn (about £57).
- Furious gun battles that round off lengthy car chases, only to lead to investigations and tribunals.
- A tasteful love scene between the Taoiseach and his love interest.
- A face that doesn't make you want to vomit.
- A handsome yet identifiable candidate who can snap the neck of even the toughest pie-chucker.
- Any canvassing that involves Kung Fu fighting.

This is just a cursory list of what could have been done with the material at hand. With a good backstory that begins five years ago involving bribery, corruption, double-dealing, theft, terrorism and intimidation, this election could have had a much better plot, with more rounded characters, and would really benefit from a good twist at the end.





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