"Let's get married", taunts boxer

Horses to go under the e-hammer

jimmy joyces giddyguide to dublindabblin

Tears as 2fm DJ admits "I'm not American."

Mother of twelve celebrates Lotto ticket

Terror in Belfast as children stalk the streets

Ireland - Holland: Pundits agree competence key to success

Millions massacred in horrorscope shocker

News in Brief: Woods slams classroom chatterboxes...Man sets "thankyou" record...Chaos as tourists return from Ireland


overdraftrun, past black to red, by swerve of head and bend of pocket, brings us by a commodus vicus of remuneration back to Hateful Celebrity Endorsements.

Bring bring! Is celebrity mole - source unnamed. (Azozaleth the bebutcher.) Hooza? Iz mi. Waw. Zabbig one. ZeZoe Ball and DJ hubby normancookaliasfatboyslim enjoyed a drink in the Turk's Head.

The turd on the wheats is it?... Reglarzhownlibudd. Reglars! Is this slats? Reglarsownli in slats? Smiley, I'm not feeling very

Chart superstar and lebrogon Robbiewilliams was out clubbing with Corny Kelleher and The Citizen, via Messrs Maguires. Sidinvidus the Svengalouis says he wants to hit the red box. Wadda boutcha jimmy, sezzee. Haha sezeye, I'm off to Bruxelles! Mudge mird. cackleackleackle.

What did Kylie Minogue say to the obsessed fan who kept asking her to dance in Bective?
"Fuck off, mite!"
Who was Larry Gogan seen puking all over in The Palace? Westlife's Nicky.
What is the Power City Ad Guy's favourite hobby?
Meeting sales quotas in good time.
Wen muss dis madness end?

So ee sed Amanagent i thought he said angel i nearly leapt a foot cudgamagine jaysis. E sed Amanagent willyih come to dis pardy an write stuff about the people and i take his hand and it's all sweaty and he swallows hard i take him close and his heart is going like mad and i say Yes yes i will yes




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