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Mother of twelve celebrates
Lotto ticket

The village of Crumlin was reeling last night after the news that a local woman had scooped another Lotto ticket. "I scooped it up of the floor," said mother of twelve, Mary D'Arcy. "It must have been under that couch for months."

A couple celebrates Lotto uncertainty

Excited by her Lotto joy Mrs D'Arcy's Crumlin neighbours are already sending her begging letters and trying to cash in on tenuous friendships. "I never realised I was related to the Gordons up the road, but it turns out that their 3rd cousin twice removed once went out with my husband's boss's 2nd cousin twice removed," she said. "If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me."

And with the spiralling cost of sending kids back to school, the lost ticket couldn't have come at a better time for the stressed-out mam of twelve. "Tony, Roy, Anto, Brian, Kate, Mary, Anthony, Yvonne, Samantha, Yvette, and Naomi all need new schoolbags and William is on drugs so that's always an added expense."
Samantha, 28, who immediately returned from Australia on hearing the ticket news, said she was delighted to be part of "whatever this is that's going on".

The ecstatic ticket was bought in the Rainbow newsagents in Crumlin village last July. The Rainbow seems to be Mrs D'Arcy's lucky shop. Last December she found a tenner on the ground outside it and since there was nobody around she stuffed it in her pocket and scuttled home guiltily. This couldn't have come at a better time, because the brave mum of twelve would soon need all the funds she could get. Shortly afterwards her house burnt down due to a faulty Christmas tree.

"Maybe if this ticket turns out to be a winner I can finally get the roof finished. I mean, I found the ticket behind behind the couch - that's where the winning ticket is always found, right?"




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