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"Let's get married", taunts boxer

World champion Hasim Raham with challenger
Lennox Lewis, whose proposal of marriage
heightened the tension between the two

The build-up to the November 17th world boxing title rematch between Lennox Lewis and champion Hasim Raham took a fresh twist yesterday after scuffles broke out between the two at a press conference. A volatile atmosphere turned dangerous when Lewis announced his "true feelings" towards Raham, declaring "You're the only one I really love. Let's get married and live together in bliss".

These comments angered reigning heavyweight kingpin Raham, who was left momentarily speechless before retoring that Lewis's comments were "kinda gay".

This seemed to only encourage Lewis, who carried on his verbal assault. "Call it what you will, Hasim", he continued, "What we have together cannot be denied. Baby, you send me".

At this Raham was heard to mutter "This is all wack", and pounded his fist onto the makeshift table from which the boxers, their managers, entourage and hangers-on addressed the assembled world media. Lewis then began to blow kisses at his opponent, who stood up suddenly and tried to hit him with a chair, before being restrained by helpers, while several from the Lewis camp began to wade in and trade punches with passers-by.

While the scuffles continued, Lewis retreated to the edge of the podium and began to sing the Carole King classic 'He Hit Me (And it Felt Like a Kiss)'.

Boxing writer George Kimball commented, "While this may seem unusual behaviour from Lewis, it fits in with the general pattern of trying to 'goad' your opponent into rash fits of anger, the easier to make it to beat him. We can be fairly sure that Raham would really like to beat the shit out of Lewis now."

"Of course", he added, "there is always the chance that they really were meant to be together. And that would be just lovely."




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