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D-commerce specialists queuing to collect their pay

Boom! Skilled IT workers and other nerds are flocking to the fastest-growing sector of the Irish 'New Economy' -
'd-commerce', or, more prosaically, the dole.

Until recently a limited field, d-commerce has taken off in the last six months, with workers from failed dot.coms, hare-brained telcos and (especially) Eircom white elephants making the switch.

Says d-commerce pioneer Sandra Logan, of the local Social Welfare office in Blanchardstown: "We've never seen anything like it. People are switching onto d-commerce in droves. The way the economy is going, it's the wave of the future!".

Many in d-commerce are already speaking of diversifying into 'n[ixer]-commerce', 'c[rime]-commerce', or just 'a[ny]-commerce'.



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