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Duncan Stewart in Afghanistan

Evil Gerald reporter and Our House presenter Duncan Stewart gives the latest on the US attack from Afghanistan

According to White House sources, the "flying fortress" aeroplane, a type of heavy, fortress-like plane, with artillery in the belly, is providing heavy fire on the ground-based troops and positions of the Taliban by pumping bullets and artillery rounds onto them from above.
Many see this as a sign of America's growing confidence in their air supremacy, or, that they can fly the skies of afghanistan at will, without opposition, pumping bullets and artillery rounds into them from above.

However, recent reports from within Afghanistan show that the air-strikes, or strikes from the air, are misfiring, destroying civilian and red cross buildings, most of which are poorly insulated and without double-glazing, which could cut their heating bills in half over five years. This is yet another sign of how much suffering these attacks are causing in an already war-torn nation, or state.

The northern town of Masarih El Sharif has already suffered great damage to its traditionally carved shop-fronts and hand made brickwork, which provides a real feel of the old world to any neighbourhood.

Despite calls for a quick end to the conflict US secretary of state, Colin Powell, or Colin Powell, stated in Pakistan, the nation next to Afghanistan, that "this war is unlike any other before it, and we an make no promises as to when it will end." Justifying fears that this war is unlike any before it and that he can make no promises as to when it will end.




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