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Twenty-something sends first work-related e-mail

Twenty-something Dubliner Brian Duffy sent his first work-related e-mail last week, just four hours after beginning his first ever job.

The e-mail, which contained an urgent request for a purchase order number, was sent by Duffy on Thursday the 27th of September at 12.19p.m., shortly after his accounts payable supervisor Derek Matthews ordered him to do so.

A giddy Duffy said afterwards: "This has been a complete eye-opener for me. I don't even know Carmel in Corporate Affairs, yet here I am, requesting her with an unsolicited e-mail to raise a purchase order number for me, whatever that is." Carmel Fleece replied to the e-mail approximately 24 minutes later with a short promise to get back to young Brian. She then signed off, giving her kindest regards to Duffy, an unknown and as yet faceless co-worker.

Duffy expounded on his new relationship with Carmel. "Although we have never met, Carmel and I share a keen understanding that business survival depends on the communication of a dizzying array of meaningless acronyms and ciphers."

Despite having spent six years using e-mail, he admits that he has never used it in a work-related situation. "That's all changed now. It's like people want me to e-mail them stuff".

Duffy, whose Outlook auto-signature boasts sixteen colours and nine different fonts, then re-recorded his voice mail message for the eleventh time.




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