Dear Voter,

Have you ever wondered what it might be like if the PDs were in government? It's a reality that may soon become the actual truth. No, don't laugh!
To show you we mean business, here's a little wish-list we've drawn up of all the great things we would do - if only we were in government, and not just propping up an ineffectual, incompetent coaliton of chancers, bowsies and fantasists (that's us!)

PD's Health Plan
Fix all the hospitals - maybe build more

PD's Environmental Policy
Screw it, who cares?

PD's Fiscal Fortitude
Low tax or no tax - that's what we might aim for

PD's "Troubles"
Leave it, it's not worth it

So there you go. Remember: the PDs will do all these things, possibly more, if we get so much as a sniff of governmental power. Once we achieve that, our policy will be embedded in our actions, not outlined in a fantasy document. I swear.

"Help make me Ireland's first Tanaiste from the PDs"


Mary Harney, PDs


Vote PD: Help make the reality a pipedream
A Special Message from the Tanaiste, Mary Harney