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Corrections and Clarifications


The Evil Gerald would like to apologise to its readers for any offence which may have been caused by the printing of an article in its last edition which alleged that Dublin is in fact closer to Boston than it is to Berlin.

The Evil Gerald now accepts that Dublin is in actuality closer to Berlin than it is to Boston by a distance of 2178 miles, 3505 km or 1893 nautical miles. The Evil Gerald further accepts that the use of the Boston-Berlin expression is annoying, hackneyed and an insult to anyone with a brain, and that to put things in perspective, Belfast, at a distance of only 84 miles, 136 km or 73 nautical miles from Dublin, is 9.8 times nearer than Berlin and 35.7 times nearer than Boston to the capital of the Republic. But then, nobody ever goes to Belfast because they don't want to get shot or blown up.

As a woman, and as a mother, The Evil Gerald feels the use of the adage is deeply, morally offensive, and has had its Geography Editor court-martialled to be shot and sent to the Russian front at a distance of 1450 miles, 2330 km or 1260 nautical miles.

It is not the policy of the Evil Gerald to correct mistakes unless threatened with a letter from a posh solicitors' firm

The Evil Gerald board of directors perusing this week's readers' letters.




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