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Mother of one Analivia Byrne yesterday afternoon hit out at the traffic congestion in the Foxrock area of Dublin, banging on the steering wheel of her tank-like off-road Toyota sports-utility vehicle and shouting.

Mrs Byrne, who uses the truck only at peak times to drop and collect her 16-year-old daughter Sally-Anne from school, says she never fails to be surprised and amazed at "all these other assholes blocking the road" and claims that it never before occurred to her that she might be adding to the chaos. "No," she says, "it's not me, it's them".

Collecting her daughter at half-four yesterday after tennis practice in Loreto girls' school in Foxrock, a ten-minute walk from the family home, she explained why she and her husband, Sean (a solicitor) had chosen the vehicle.
"Well, the Alfa's too big, and the MG is really only for the weekends. It's Sean's baby anyway and he won't let me drive it. The BMW's a bit tarty, so we thought we could do with another car. And the 4-speed electronically controlled automatic overdrive with intelligence (ECT-i) and second-gear start mode is really handy for negotiating the queues when I go shopping in BT2, while the independent double-wishbone front suspension with torsion bar springs and stabiliser bar I find really useful for parking right on top of those narrow footpaths on blind bends."

Asked if she had ever actually been anywhere near a mountain in her 'off-road' vehicle Mrs Byrne told The Evil Gerald "My husband's a solicitor, you know. Get out of my way or I'll run you over. I'm not afraid of you".




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