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Small business owner disturbed by riots

Readers' letters

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A shop owner in the area of Oldham's recent race riots has become a mouthpiece for the concerns of local business owners throughout Oldham. Ming Lo Han (above), an Asian shop owner in the district worst affected by the rioting spoke out yesterday against the continuing violence: "I have owned my petrol bomb shop here for twelve years," said the irate shopkeeper "and I have been shown incredible disrespect." As an established member of the Oldham community Mr. Han is deeply aggrieved at the treatment he has received - "All I have ever done is give to the community, but if these youths continue to loot my shop, taking away my livelyhood, I will be forced to defend my stock of rags, bottles, parafin, and petrol with force. It makes no sense that local businesses like mine must suffer during riots".




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