Video replays show McVeigh was offside when executed

Small business owner disturbed by riots

Readers' letters

G8 leaders go on violent rampage at Creamfields

News in brief... Teenager can't get enough ironic consumption... Nepalese traditional dinner no longer to include gunfire... Taoiseach publicly criticised



And kitty makes phlegm
Dear sir,
Recently my cat has begun to cough a lot, and sometimes seems to find it painful to walk. Try explaining that!
Philip Farley, Naas

My outrage must stop
Dear sir,
In all the fuss about that scandal there, I never once saw anyone address the fundamental question of how the man's leg came to be in the ground in the first place. It's a sign of how out of touch the politicians are with ordinary people that the facts are allowed to be glossed over while the parties try to score points off each other. We should all be ashamed.
Name, address with editor

Fancy that!
Dear sir,
In all the fuss about me being the leader of the Provisional IRA, I never once saw anyone address the fundamental question of why certain factions of the EU are actively promoting the idea of tax harmonisation. Sometimes I wonder why I keep smuggling petrol and livestock across the border at all!
Thomas 'Slab' Murphy, Dundalk

The online computer internet
Dear sir,
I thought it might interest your readers to know that, in order to keep pace with an ever-changing world, I have changed my online nickname. No longer will I go under the nom de plume of 'gargamel_m'. Those days are gone. No, from now on it's 'skil2win81', and I couldn't be happier.

Evan Smyth, Skerries




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