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Des O'Malley TD has categorically denied to the Evil Gerald that he has forgotten that he acted incorrectly during the 'Arms Trial' crisis of the early 1970's, when the evidence of a key witness in the trial was doctored before he was due to testify, apparently with the knowledge of the then Minister for Justice, who was known to be O'Malley at the time.

O'Malley, who dithered and said "Errrrm..." a lot when questioned, also said he does not regret any of his actions but became confused and irritable when further questions were put to him by our ace reporter:

The Evil Gerald: Do you regret your actions?
Des O'Malley: No, I –
EG: Why not?
DO'M.: Because there's nothing to regret.
EG: What about all that stuff? Have you forgotten all the stuff? Your actions, I mean?
DO'M: No.
EG: Maybe you just forget to regret them?
DO'M: Er....
EG: Aha!
DO'M: ... What?
EG: So it’s true.
DO'M: What’s true? This is very unpr –
EG: You’re an old man and you forget things. It’s your tragedy too.

A spokesman for O'Malley later denied that O'Malley regrets forgetting to regret his earlier actions.



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