See who's this year's top poor person inside, in the Gerald's who's who list of bums, homeless, destitute, and unemployed.

Revealed: The glamourous lives of the poor and unknown.

Who is Ireland's bummiest celebrity?

Yes! It's that time of the year again, when rich and middle-class alike become as one in their search for Ireland's Top 100 Poor.

Forbes has calculated for the Evil Gerald the exact wealth of every poor person in Ireland to produce the most accurate rundown of the rundown. This year sees an vast leap in the net wealth of even the least poor on our list following the introduction of the new plastic bag levy - which means that many of Ireland's homeless are walking around with literally euros worth of bags. There can be no greater sign of Ireland's recent prosperity.

Take a look at the top 5 on our list, or see the statistics that break down the rankings, or find out who is Ireland's answer to Gary Barlow: The poorest celebrity.

Vernon Jameson, one of Ireland's few Black homeless people enjoys the smell of a reclaimed TV set in his palatially appointed hovel.

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