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Our Critic Reviews

Our pal Karl Marx tells us what's going on im Kino.

Workers unite! Unite and go to the cinemas for there is an uprising in the quality of movies out this week!

Nicole Kidman legs off the screen, giving vent to man's primal sexual urges, in this year's number one US box office smash - feeding the politico-industrial complex - The Others.

The porcelain antipodean arouses man like the injustices of the rich. Wow! What a film! The rich house owner is terrorised by her past, one of repression and exploitation, and it is the servants, the put-upon proletariat, that come into the house to solve the problem. A chilling horror that turns the screws of economic disparity well.

This week also sees the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - a tragedy. A young boy is given the impression that he is attending a magic school and then goes in search of the Philosopher's Stone, only to find out that those in control had been lying to him - his magic education is a sham, and his quest reveals only that the Philosopher's Stone is a myth, created by the rich to suppress him. A three hanky job.





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