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Our primary aim (apart from a united Ireland of course!) is to review and rate any website aimed at the same people we're aiming at, so to speak, which is you!

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We carefully review each site we visit, looking out for characteristics like:
-craven rewriting of history
If a site is good enough to have all three, we award it our top prize of five (out of five) Green Balaclavas, the most coveted award amongst the online Irish internet computer community.


The Evil Gerald
Telling it like it is, these are some truly brave people.

Fighting for a free Ireland by giving money to our mates

The Irish People Newspaper
Still writing analyses of the Hunger Strikes, this is some up-to-the-minute stuff.

Irish Famine and Genocide Committee
Puckish humour abounds hereabouts.

If you know a site that deserves some of our Balaclavas, send it on in! No .co.uk addresses though.



End the oppression!