Dodgy Docs!

Are you a parent? Do you know one? Then prepare to OUTRAGED as we bravely point the finger at the greatest menace in Irish society today, the MONSTERS who FIDDLE WITH THE KIDS while posing as medical doctors!

Yes, the Evil Gerald is proud to be the first to NAME AND SHAME the SINISTER BOGEYMEN who, too clever to prowl the streets, are instead content to sit in their SORDID SEX-DENS and take advantage of YOUR KIDS (especially the blonde ones) while pretending to do TESTS AND MEDICINE.

The most shocking FACT of all is that these FIENDS are self-confessed paediatricians! They are KNOWN to the authorities, but they are still allowed do SICK STUFF to children behind closed doors, probably.

Well, The Evil Gerald says ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. ORDINARY PEOPLE must stop trying to think about the issue and simply go out and TAKE ACTION, possibly in a circulation-boosting orgy of indiscriminate violence.

Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. They're probably a paediatrician too.

More inside
Lynch-mob etiquette, p4
Learning to mistrust the police, p5
Editorial: Smash them! Burn them!, p24


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