Announcement by The Evil Gerald, Inc.

Wednesday, February 17th.

The recent launch of the Evil Gerald's online presence has been an outstanding success. Readers have flooded to the site, and we are already registering more hits than that crowd, probably. But while we are very gratified by the positive response, we at Evil Gerald HQ are not resting on our laurels.

In fact quite the opposite. We plan to expand the website to achieve greater leverage in the content-delivery and info-glutting areas, and aim to establish as the favourite web portal of Irish surfers by around the end of next week.

To do this will undoubtedly require funds of money, which must come from somewhere. We initially considered charging you, our loyal readers, for every word you read, informative or not. But we soon discovered that was impractical, and at best illegal.

So instead we will be floating Evil Gerald Inc. on the American stock market in Wall Street - the Nasdaq. We believe that given present economic considerations, this IPO (Initial Public Offering) is the best way to safeguard the Evil Gerald's future, while also making us extremely rich at the same time into the bargain. So we would urge you, on balance, to immediately go rush out and buy shares as soon as they go on sale.

Remember, there could not be an Evil Gerald without you, the reader. Or if there was, it would have far fewer readers. Stick with us, and we promise to stick with you until something better comes along.

The Evil Gerald board (pictured below)

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