This year, St. Valentine's day certaintly lived up to its reputation as the most romantic in the calender, with people around the world, making nuisance phone calls to their loved ones, moodily following them around the whole day, or simply staying in to brood obsessively. So, who did you stalk on Valentine's Day?

Rosey Boynagoo, 32: "I hung around outside the shop where this guy I really fancy works. After about twenty minutes of pacing up and down and looking in the window pretending to read the stationary prices, I walked in and asked for directions to the shopping centre, which is in fact directly opposite and four stories high. This ride wasn't even there, but his skanger mate told me where it was and then muttered 'muppet' under his breath as I walked out".

Rodney Marshal, 28: "After coming out of the facility i met a lovely young girl called Theresa. She had long golden locks that swung like pendulums of attractiveness. Her hips moved to the tune of my heart, and her body called my name with the sultry tone of beauty. Oh, she'll be sorry. She will be sorry."

Susan Daley, 17: "I sent shy, smutty text messages to this absolute fuckin' ride who's in the same class in college as my friend Laura. He hasn't written back or anything, so I might get her to drop a note into his bag saying "You're massive", or something".

Ciaran Foley, 25: "This girl I'm stalking who lives around the corner from me had her boyfriend round on Valentine's night, so I snuck into her back garden, removed my trousers, and sat in a big tree watching them enjoy a romantic dinner before snuggling on the couch".


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