Constant Cliché User Loses Unfair Dismissal Claim

Assault and firing was 'legal', 'more than understandable'- Judge
Bill Donnelly (right), a former employee of Davis Consultancy today lost his unfair dismissal case against his boss in the High Court. Donnelly, is a "chronic, constant cliché user" according to his former employer Paul Davis, which was the cause one day for him to snap, then assault and fire Donnelly.

Speaking from the witness box, his former employer gave evidence of how many clichés Donnelly used per day. He was quickly asked to desist by the judge who stated, "Ye Gads man, it's terrible. Tell us about the assault."

"Myself and Donnelly were in a meeting with a client forecasting sales when he said, "So much for the Celtic Tiger!" Davis then reached across the desk, punched Donnelly and tried to gauge his eyes out with a bic biro, the court was told. A shouting match followed and Davis fired Donnelly there and then.

In his ruling, Judge Carty said that the assault was "legal and more than understandable. If it were me making the laws instead of just interpreting them, I'd outlaw that poxy saying for good and no mistake."

Speaking afterwards, Donnelly told reporters, "At the end of the day, when all's said and done, every cloud has its silver lining and every dog his day, as I've just now been offered a £500,000 book deal. It's a funny old world, when a guy like me can land a gig like that. The Celtic Tiger, eh?".

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