I hate buses
The standard of the buses in this city is shocking. I was on my own number 13 the other day and I couldn't find a seat that wasn't covered with old chewing gum, bum-marks or other passengers. And this is the 'Celtic Tiger' Mr Ahern talks so much about? He should stop eating cheese with his friends in the 'European Union' and spend more time tending to the concerns of his voters, like me.

I love televised sport
Have you seen the television lately. It's full of tennis and running and what have you. Great to see the young people who actually get up and do something get a little coverage for once. If only my fourteen-year-old would follow the example, rather than lying in bed masturbating all day!!!

Something should be done
The state of newspaper columnry in this country is appaling. There are too many incompetent, hamfisted, ignorant, loudmouthed bar-stool legislators let loose on the pages of what passes for 'newspapers' today. As for myself, I always take great care in vetting which sub-editor gets to choose who is going to ghost-write this influential column in a particular week. It's the very least my public expects.


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